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Employees Recognized for Milestone Years of Service

Story posted June 23, 2004

At the Polar Award Ceremony held June 16th, 127 Bowdoin employees were recognized for milestone years of service at the College. The introduction of each milestone year included reminiscences of what was going on in the world, in the country, and at Bowdoin at the time the employees were hired.

5 Years of Service
Presenters: Stefanie Pemper and Eric Foushee

Five years ago, the number of Internet users reached 150 million yet we were still worried about how to handle the Y2K bug. The impeachment trial of Bill Clinton opened (and closed) as he was acquitted. We watched the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl and Shakespeare in Love win the Oscar for Best Picture.

At Bowdoin, the renovation of Searles Hall was completed, plans were initiated for a campus television station, and the Bowdoin women's basketball team played its first ever NCAA Division III game and beat Bates. Common Good Day was launched as was the careers of these employees celebrating their five-year anniversary:

Margaret F. Allen
Sara Amato
Vivian L. Asbra
Suzanne M. Astolfi
Margaret Broaddus
Alfred F. Butler
Candice M. Dennison
Deana L. Draper
Lynette J. Endress
Diane M. Fournier
Eric F. Foushee
Rodney A. Gagnon
Joseph Hinckley
Eugenia P. King
Robert B. King
Katherine Kline
Leo J. Lacey
Tammis L. Lareau
Patrick L. Lavigne
Paul M. Ovington
Jane F. Paterson
Stefanie L. Pemper
Deborah A. Puhl
David F. Savage
Gary B. Smith
Rebecca F. Smith
Fumio D. Sugihara
Joyce E. Welt
James R. Westhoff

10 Years of Service
Presenters: Louisa Slowiaczek and Jim Kelley

Ten years ago, in its first-ever interracial national election, South Africa elected Nelson Mandela President, and the U.S. sent forces to the Persian Gulf. In the world of entertainment, Steven Spielberg won his first directing Oscar for Schindler's List; Tom Hanks won his first Oscar for Best Actor for Philadelphia; Friends began its 10 year run on NBC, part of the network's Thursday-night "must see TV" lineup; and the Song of the Year was "A Whole New World" (Theme from Aladdin).

Dozens of events throughout the year celebrated Bowdoin's Bicentennial, including a music marathon, a fine arts institute, a theater production symposium, a science symposium, and an environmental institute. Construction was completed on the David Saul Smith Union building and the AIDS quilt was displayed on campus. Ten employees hired in 1994 are celebrating their 10th anniversary of service to the College:

Cindy B. Breton
Amy L. Donohue
Juanita L. Gallagher
Phyllis V. Haines-McQuaide
Jane T. Hauptman
Amy E. Heggie
Wilma J. Lloyd
Ned E. Osolin
Victoria B. Wilson
Debora J. Yates

15 Years of Service
Presenters: Nancy Jennings and Cindy Breton

In 1989, tens of thousands of Chinese students took over Beijing's Tiananmen Square in a rally for democracy; George H.W. Bush, the father, was inaugurated as the 41st U.S. president and Mikhail Gorbachev was named Soviet President. The first World Wide Web server and browser were developed in England. The Berlin Wall fell and so did the Giants in the 4th game of the World Series. America's beloved comedienne Lucille Ball died; Rain Man won the Oscar; and Bobby McFerrin won Record of the Year at the Grammys for "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

At Bowdoin, the administration contemplated increasing enrollment by 250 students; Larry Pinette, director of Dining Service, retired after 30 years of service; and we broke ground for the Hatch Science Library. We also had the incredible good luck to hire the following employees:

Katharine W. Billings
Kelly M. Brooks
James F. Burrill
Kenneth J. Cardone
Winnifred M. Cockburn
David M. Crooker
Robert A. Crossley
Mary E. Demers
Irene M. Gamache
Stephen P. Hyde
Teresa M. Lessard
Bonnie J. Pardue
Pamela Phillips
William A. Torrey
Donna M. Trout
Marjorie Whitman
Jon R. Wiley

20 Years of Service
Presenters: Jim Ward and Liz Jacobson-Carroll

Twenty years ago -- it seems like yesterday -- the Soviet Union withdrew from the summer Olympic games in Los Angeles, and 13 bloc countries followed suit; the Bell Telephone System gave birth to those beautiful little baby Bells; and Ronald Reagan was reelected in November by a landslide with 59% of the vote. At Wimbledon, Martina Navratilova defeated Chris Evert, and John McEnroe defeated Jimmy Connors. Terms of Endearment took home the Oscar for Best Picture; and the Emmys went to Hill Street Blues and Cheers. In 1984, the Supreme Court ruled that taping TV shows at home on a VCR did not violate copyright law; and Apple introduced the user-friendly Macintosh personal computer.

At Bowdoin we cheered on Joan Benoit Samuelson, Class of 1979, who won the first-ever Olympic Women's Marathon in Los Angeles; authors Maya Angelou and Alex Haley spoke in Pickard Theater; and Bowdoin President Greason was interviewed by Jane Pauley on the TODAY show about the SAT. Today we honor six employees who were hired in 1984:

Cyril C. Benjamin
Mickey E. Brockett
Catherine D'Alessandro
Carmen M. Greenlee
Raymond H. Miller
John Parker

25 Years of Service
Presenters: Craig McEwen and "Marilyn Monroe" (Joyce Mayer)

In 1979, the Shah left Iran, and revolutionary forces under Ayatollah Khomeini took over; Iranian militants seized the U.S. embassy in Teheran and held hostages; and Margaret Thatcher became the British Prime Minister. In sports, the 1 to 5 favorite Spectacular Bid made a bid for horse racing's Triple Crown, and came in third; The Deer Hunter won the Oscar; the Emmys were awarded to Lou Grant and Taxi; and the album of the year was the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever.

Twenty-five years ago, the College unveiled plans for what the campus might look like "well into the future" in the year 2000; a gala celebrated the 50th anniversary of Moulton Union; and the College announced the launch of the Commission on the Status of Women. Today we celebrate the long and dedicated service of eight employees who were hired twenty-five years ago:

Suzanne K. Bergeron
Michael D. Chipman
John D. Cullen
Jonathan P. Goldstein
Barbara S. Held
Mark A. Lavigne
Judith R. Montgomery
Donald H. Smith

25+ Years of Service
Presenter: Mary Macul

There are many employees -- in fact, there are 57 employees -- who have surpassed the 25 year landmark. These workmates have experienced the incredible changes and growth of this campus from a unique perspective and we appreciate all of them for their continued service to Bowdoin. [Mary then invited those present - "And you know who you are!" - to stand to be saluted by their friends and colleagues.]

The following have 25+ years of service:

Murray Litchfield - 36 years of service
Doug Pollock - 35
Arthur Dunlap - 35
Pauline Farr - 35
Harold Carter - 31
Michelle McDonough - 30
Blinn LeBourdais - 29
Lester Prue - 27
Mchael Cobb - 27
Ray Dall - 27
Richard Beals - 26
Thomas Cornell - 42
Wells Johnson - 40
Elliot Schwartz - 40
Pam Labbe - 40
James Ward - 35
Patricia Myshrall - 35
Richard Morgan - 34
David Vail -33
Helen Cafferty - 31
Rachel Levasseur - 31
Denis Corish - 30
Sue Theberge - 29
David Page - 29
William Barker - 28
Craig McEwen - 28
Mary Macul - 28
Ron Christensen - 27
Jane Knox-Voina - 27
Allen Springer - 27
William Watterson - 27
Judith Foster - 27
Stephen Fisk - 26
Paul Schaffner - 26
Robert Stevens - 26
Brenda Myshrall - 37
Susan Livesay - 32
Lynn Ruddy - 27
Richard Mersereau - 32
Mark Nelsen - 34
Yvette Lloyd - 38
Denise Bernier - 29
James Hodge - 42
Daniel Levine - 40
Paul Nyhus - 37
Tom Settlemire - 34
Christian Potholm - 33
Steven Cerf - 32
John Turner - 32
June Vail - 32
William Steinhart - 28
Alan Garfield - 26
John C. Holt - 26
Randy Stakeman - 26

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