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Jacques Borgaux Performs Don Quixote February 5

Story posted January 27, 2004

The Bowdoin College Department of Theater and Dance will present Monsieur Jacques Bourgaux in his acclaimed solo performance of Don Quixote, direct from Paris for one show only, at 8 p.m., Thursday, February 5, in Pickard Theater.

Admission is free. Tickets will be available at the door. For more information call 725-3375.

Playing all parts with lightning-quick character changes on a bare stage, M. Bourgaux captures the excitement, humor, and pathos of Cervantes epic novel in an engaging and entertaining show.

Jacques Bourgaux is a Paris-based actor who studied for several years at the acclaimed theater school of Jacques Lecoq. He has been performing Don Quixote for two decades and has toured Europe and the United States to universal acclaim.

When asked about his reasons for reviving the show and bringing it back to the United States, Bourgaux said, "I several times thought I was playing him for the last time and then I revived him in a new shape. The reason is, I suppose, his unlimited reserve of humanity, and there is always a good reason to revive him...

"In our times of war, of good against evil, he is of course more up-to-date then ever. Probably because he is the emblematic figure of the has-been, the corny, the rinky-dink, the old hat...Don Quixote was born in a time where honor, courage, glory and pure love were being pushed aside by the attraction of business and wealth. Mixing up reality and his dreams of another age he lives in a constant gap. Sometimes he is funny, sometimes ridiculous or pitiful, sometimes frightening, generally wrong except when he describes the injustice in the world and his inner dream of beauty, generosity and love. Maybe his main problem is to consider war as the only and invincible solution to evil.

"No less important is his companion Sancho Panza, figure of 'the good people' (the one who would like to have more fun but who will have to vote at the next elections, we would say today)....Cervantes wrote Don Quixote in his fifties. After a life of feats of arms, after having been a hero in the war against the Turks, after having been forgotten in the Algerian jails for five years, Cervantes put in balance the soldier's sword and the pen of the philosopher and storyteller."

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