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Bowdoin's Government and Legal Studies Named Top College Political Science Department Worldwide

Story posted October 29, 2003

Bowdoin College's Department of Government and Legal Studies has been ranked the top small college political science department in the world in a study conducted at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The study was conducted by Dr. Simon Hix at LSE, and results were published in the report "A Global Ranking of Political Science Departments" (February 2003).

Hix's report lists the top 200 departments from colleges and universities worldwide. Bowdoin ranks 123 on the full list, but is the top college named.

The top five on the list are Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Yale University, and UCLA. Among the top non-U.S. institutions are the University of Oxford (11), the University of Toronto (13), the European University Institute in Italy (18), the University of Essex in England (25) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (35).

Hix's report ranks departments in terms of their research output on a global scale. His preliminary study looked at the number of publications appearing in 23 of the top journals in the field over a five-year period. He concludes that a similarly objective and accurate ranking could be compiled annually using the 61 political science journals that are considered "the 'main' political science journals of the global profession."

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