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Rachel Beane Awarded 2003 Karofsky Prize

Story posted May 08, 2003

Assistant Professor of Geology Rachel J. Beane has been named the recipient of the 2003 Sydney B. Karofsky Prize for Junior Faculty at Bowdoin College. The award was announced at the College's Honors Day ceremony May 7.

The Karofsky Prize is given annually to "an outstanding Bowdoin teacher who best demonstrates the ability to impart knowledge, inspire enthusiasm, and stimulate intellectual curiosity."

Beane joined the Bowdoin faculty in 1998, and teaches courses in physical geology, geological field methods, mineralogy, structural geology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, and mountain belts.

All her courses emphasize problem solving and writing, and include field trips to examine local geology. Beane has earned a wide reputation for her interesting, challenging courses and her support of student research projects.

While at Bowdoin she has been awarded two grants from the National Science Foundation that enhance and improve undergraduate learning: one involving a petrotectonic study of Casco Bay, and the other the use of a low-vacuum scanning electron microscope with an energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer.

Beane is widely published and a frequent invited speaker and presenter at conferences, colleges and universities across the country. She is an advisory board member of the Keck Geology Consortium, the campus representative of the Geological Society of America, and a committee member for the Mineralogical Society of America.

She is a graduate of Williams College, and earned her Ph.D. in geological and environmental sciences at Stanford University.

The Karofsky Prize is given by members of the Karofsky family, including Peter S. Karofsky, M.D. '62, Paul I. Karofsky '66, and David M. Karofsky '93. It is conferred by the dean for academic affairs in consultation with the Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (CAPT) on the basis of student evaluations of teaching. The prize is given to a member of the faculty who has taught at Bowdoin for at least two years.

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