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Bowdoin Releases Profile of Early Decision Applicants for Class of 2007

Story posted February 12, 2003

Bowdoin College has released a profile of the applicants and admits for Early Decision (E.D.) for its Class of 2007. Numbers for both E.D. Round 1 (November 15, 2002 deadline) and Round 2 (January 1, 2003 deadline) are included.

A total of 548 E.D. applications were received (down from 627 for the Class of 2006), with an even split between men and women (274 each). Of the 548 applications received, 167 (30.5%) were admitted (down 12 from last year). Women accounted for 88 of the admitted students, and men accounted for 79.

The number of students of color admitted through E.D. was up two from a year ago. A total of 31 students of color were admitted, including 17 Asian, eight Latino/a, and six African American students.

Eighty-eight admitted students (52.7%) are from New England, with 50 coming from Massachusetts and 17 from Maine. Thirty-five (21%) come from mid-Atlantic states, including 20 from New York. A total of 23 states plus the District of Columbia are represented.

Fourteen international students were admitted, with six from Canada, and one each from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Israel, Japan, Korea, Monaco, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

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