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Local Quarry Provides Granite for Chapel Repair

Story posted December 23, 2002

When Bowdoin set out to find the granite needed to repair to the Chapel towers, it was a tall order. The grain in the Chapel's stone is very fine, and it carries a brownish tint. Only a perfect match would do.

After a canvassing of likely New England quarries in his search, Construction Manager Don Borkowski was on the verge of sending to Europe for granite samples.

As Prof. of Geology Emeritus Art Hussey discovered, however, the original quarry is about five miles down the road.

So 150 years after the Chapel was constructed, Bowdoin is going back to the very same quarry for the granite needed to make repairs.

Click here to read the front page story on the Chapel's granite in the December 23 Times Record. The story is by Elizabeth Dorsey.

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