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Answer: A Bowdoin Alumna is Appearing on Jeopardy

Story posted October 17, 2002

Answer: A Bowdoin Alumna is Appearing on Jeopardy

Question: Why should we make a special point on October 24 to tune in to the answer-and-question TV game show starring Alex Trebek?

Sarah Mitchell Legins '93 is one of three contestants appearing on the television brainiac game show Jeopardy on Thursday, October 24. (Check your local listings. The show airs in the southern Maine area on WMTW Channel 8 at 7:30 p.m.)

"Being on Jeopardy was an incredible experience," said Sarah, "and much more fun than I could have imagined."

No one is revealing the outcome of the October 24th show, and we don't know if Sarah will appear on Friday's show as Thursday's winner. But Sarah can serve up a few behind-the-scenes details for an appetizer.

Sarah, who was living in Brooklyn at the time, traveled to Los Angeles this summer for the filming. Jeopardy films five episodes in one day, so she and about 10 other contestants were at the Sony studios all day.

"By the time the contestant coordinators had warmed us up and we were done with makeup and rehearsals, it felt like one big party," Sarah said.

Completely unfazed about appearing on television, Sarah nonetheless doesn't remember a lot of detail about actually playing the game. "The same thing happened after I took the contestant exam in May. I had been so 'in the zone' while taking the exam I couldn't remember any of the questions for about a week."

Sarah was glad to see such categories as "U.S. Cities" pop up, but feared the worst with a category devoted to the films of Paul Newman beginning with the letter H.

It's likely Sarah will be grilled for more detail when she returns to campus for Homecoming Weekend. In the meantime, plan to tune in to the nationwide broadcast on October 24 and see if you can keep pace with Sarah and her fellow contestants.

Sarah Mitchell Legins '93 now lives in South Carolina. She is an academic architecture librarian at Clemson University.

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