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Security Float Awarded Third Place in Parade

Story posted May 30, 2002

The Topsham-Brunswick Memorial Day Parade is always special, but it proved extra special for Bowdoin this past Monday, May 27, as the patriotic float entered by Security was awarded third prize!

"The Security Department was originally going to march in the parade, something we had done years ago," said Assistant Director of Security Louann Dustin-Hunter. "Then a few people had the idea it would be nice to do a float." The results were impressive.

Two weeks before the parade, staff started making tissue paper flowers, and work on the actual float began a week later. Two wooden “men” were borrowed from the American Red Cross on Bank Street. Sharon King from Facilities Management lent an old Navy uniform, and Security Officer Angela Anderson provided green cammies (camouflage clothing) to dress the “men.”

The crew built a platform on half the trailer and made an American flag out of tissue paper flowers. They then covered the rest of the trailer with red, white and blue tissue paper flowers.

To represent both sexes on the float, one of the figures was made to characterize a “woman.” The male cammy-dressed figure represented a disabled vet, and sat in a wheelchair. He wore a real Purple Heart, which belongs to Louann’s father, a World War II vet. The female Navy bos’n figure stood behind the wheelchair to “push” the disabled vet.

The weekend before the parade Angela, Security Officer Amy Boyd, and Louann spent about 20 hours putting it all together. About 500 tissue paper flowers were attached to chicken wire that wrapped around the trailer.

In the parade, Angela drove her pickup truck, which pulled the trailer. Security Officer Arthur Dunlop rode in the back of the truck, waving to the parade spectators. Amy wore the Polar Bear suit and mingled with the crowd. Louann’s daughter Mara, who is four years old, wore a dress with a sash that said, “My daddy serves” on the front, and “My grampa served” on the back. (Louann’s husband is in the Air National Guard, and as mentioned, her father served during WWII.) Mara and Louann passed out American flags and red, white and blue tissue flowers taped to Popsicle sticks.

Their third place award includes a silver cup, which will hold a place of honor in the newly renovated Communications Center, and a $100 cash prize.

The Security team will donate the $100 to the World War II Memorial Fund in Washington, D.C., in honor of several family members who served.

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