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Students Earning Latin Honors Announced

Story posted May 22, 2002

The Office of Student Records has announced the names of those 2002 graduates earning Latin honors. Click the link below to view the list:

Latin honors are awarded on the basis of an average of all grades earned at Bowdoin, with a minimum of 16 credits required for the computation.

How to compute the average:


Half-credit courses are weighted as one half of a course. This figures in the computation of the GPA in two ways: (1) an A in a half-credit course is worth 2, a B is worth 1.5, and so on; (2) if you took 5 full credit courses (example: got straight Bs) and 1 half-credit course (example: got an A), you divide the total number of points (example total: 17) by 5.5 courses and not 6.

Summa cum Laude: GPA must be 3.85 or higher.

Magna cum Laude: GPA must be 3.70 or higher.

Cum Laude: GPA must be 3.5 or higher.

In computing the average never round the end result. If your GPA is 3.848 you qualify for Magna cum Laude and not Summa.

Please note: Courses taken Credit/Fail are not figured into this formula. However, if you took a class Credit/Fail and failed, this F is included in the computation of the average. In addition if you took the same course twice, only the first grade is included.

[Please note that the computation information above was corrected on May 24, 2002, from an incorrect earlier posting.]

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