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Prof. Matthew Klingle Chosen for National Fellowship

Story posted February 20, 2002

Courtesy of ELP

Matthew Klingle, assistant professor of history and environmental studies at Bowdoin College, has been selected by the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) to participate in the organization's 2002 national fellowship program.

While continuing his work at Bowdoin, Klingle will join 25 environmental leaders from across America in this unique learning opportunity for the next generation of environmental leaders.

Klingle's belief that "environmental problems are also social problems with deep historical roots" has led him into the life of both an academic and an activist. As an environmental historian at Bowdoin, he is teaching students to "understand environmental issues historically as an important step toward creating potential solutions." Klingle hopes to pass on his experience and education "to those who will inherit what is left undone..., those whose minds will grapple with the environmental issues of the future."

Klingle's selection for ELP's prestigious award demonstrates national recognition for his current work and leadership. It also acknowledges the great potential he brings to the environmental community. He joins a network of diverse individuals from all sectors to preserve open space, protect the nation's natural resources, improve corporate environmental practices, and safeguard communities from toxic waste.

Access to the Environmental Leadership Program's resources, networks of peers and veteran leaders, skills training, and financial support enables ELP fellows to hone their leadership skills and propel the environmental field to new heights.

Klingle looks forward to beginning his ELP fellowship: "ELP retreats and workshops can serve as my proving ground, allowing me to test strategies and take risks."

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