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Important Information for Class of '06 Applicants

Story posted November 02, 2001

Given recent events, and the resulting delays in mail processing and delivery of mail in various parts of the country, we wanted to offer some thoughts and suggestions for applicants to the Class of 2006.

Our Early Decision I (EDI) deadline is November 15. Applications for EDI should be postmarked on or before this date. Students who have not yet completed their EDI applications are encouraged to apply electronically through our online application at .

Students who have mailed or will be mailing their completed EDI applications - and are concerned that their applications may not reach us in a timely manner - are encouraged to fax a copy to Admissions at (207) 725-3101. Financial Aid materials may be faxed to (207) 725-3864. Please include a fax cover sheet containing the student's name, phone number, high school, number of pages sent (including cover sheet) and the sender's name and telephone number. Please send the originals through the mail. Thank you.

Our Early Decision II (EDII) and Regular Decision admissions deadline is January 1. Financial Aid deadlines are January 1 and February 15 respectively. Applications for Early Decision II and Regular Decision should be postmarked on or before the designated dates. It is too early to determine whether the current mail delays will still be with us at that time, so we encourage applicants to plan to mail EDII and regular applications to us in the routine manner. However, please make sure to keep a copy of your application. It may also be a good idea to mail applications well in advance of the deadlines.

For all of our applications - Early Decision I and II, and Regular Decision - a reminder and reassurance that we confirm the receipt of each admissions application in writing. (Please keep in mind, however, that our January 1 deadline brings with it the delivery of thousands of applications, most of which arrive very close to January 1; it will be several weeks before we can work through this group of applications and acknowledge them - yet another reason to mail your application well in advance of the deadline.) Finally, after an initial review of your application, we will notify you in writing of any missing, pertinent information. Receipt of your financial aid profile form will be acknowledged by the College Scholarship Service.

We hope that this information is helpful to you. Best wishes.

Bowdoin College
Office of Admissions
Student Aid Office

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