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Bowdoin's suspicious package yields pleasant surprise

Story posted October 22, 2001

Suspicious packages are in the media and on our minds, and Bowdoin College had its own version this week, but one containing a pleasant surprise-an errant American flag from an unknown sender.

The flag was properly folded and sent via FedEx. The accompanying letter said that the sender had been inspired by patriotism to send the flag home.

"In light of this all, the symbolism behind our Nations's flag has returned to prominence for many and taken on a much deeper meaning for others. In that Spirit, I am returning this flag to Bowdoin."

No record can be found that details Bowdoin's response to or suspicions about the flag's disappearance 15 years ago. But according to the person returning it, what happened was this:

"After a late evening sporting event hosted by Bowdoin in late 1986 or early 1987, a group of friends and I noticed the school's flag had not been lowered and taken in. In a state of juvenile stupidity, we took that flag and it has been in my keeping since later that year."

"I would like to undo a wrong here," the writer continues. "I feel it is extremely important to return this to your college now so that it may once again be raised where it belongs."

The letter was unsigned.

"We're certainly not going to try and track down who sent it," said William Torrey, vice president for planning and development at Bowdoin. "Instead, we're grateful for the fact that this person wants to honor our country and Bowdoin by returning the flag to the campus."

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