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"Aspire Higher": Bowdoin to Host 60 Sixth Graders

Story posted October 17, 2001

The Bowdoin College admissions office will host 60 sixth graders from Madison Avenue Elementary School, Oxford Hills, on Thursday, October 25, as part of the Aspire Higher Program.

Aspire Higher is a statewide initiative to encourage elementary school students to start thinking about college at an earlier age, and to believe that college is a real option for their futures.

The day's schedule will begin with a tour of the Bowdoin campus to include the library, a classroom in action, the student union, a dorm room, Thorne Dining Hall, and Pickard Theater.

The tour will be followed by small group discussions with Bowdoin students to look at how they came to choose Bowdoin, what a typical day-in-the-life for a college student is like, goal setting and time management, qualities that lead to success in college, dorm life, sports and extracurricular activities, and classes.

The students will also talk with an admissions staff member, who will discuss what it takes to get into college, developing good study habits, and becoming involved in school.

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