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Cape Town Diary: September 28. By Noah Lambie, Bowdoin College 03

Story posted September 28, 2001

Today the sun is shining strong. Not the regular hour patch of sun in the midst of a three-day rain, but a solid day full of sun; and here I am inside writing a diary entry. It was not always this way. One week ago many of our lives at the CBB center changed. You see we spend lots of time at the CBB center here in Newlands, and until last week whiffle ball provided a great alternative to checking e-mail and juggling fruit.

The game was great. The 'L' of the CBB house makes for a stadium like set-up in the back. I remember, back in the day, watching the boys in my freshmen dorm playing whiffle ball against the building and thinking "ooh fun, let's hit a plastic ball against a building." A couple years later and on the other side of the world, if there's one thing I want it is a new plastic ball to hit against this building. I don't know if I first misinterpreted the game, or (more likely) the game we invented here is more interesting. Either way now, in South Africa, amidst cricket fans who prefer a dragged-out, three-day tea binge, I am very sad that our gradually decaying whiffle ball finally cracked open last week.

We had been through so much with that whiffle ball. It made its way over the fence several times into the neighbor's equally small yard, or 'garden'. It landed in the gutters and on the roof several times. The closest we came to losing it was when it got stuck in the largest tree, at the end of a thick branch about 10 meters up. Days of hucking bats, rocks, and oranges to no avail delayed our American game for a few days. (In one rock-throwing attempt Paul landed a huge rock right next to my head as I dove for cover. Almost died.) Still, though, the whiffle ball found a way back into our lives, this time with some help from the wind. But it was only a couple swings away from destruction, and after some futile attempts at mending it with packaging tape, it is officially useless.

You are probably thinking two things. First, that I am perversely attached to the wiffle ball, and second that I should just buy a new one. Well I would buy a new one, but the rumor is that it is not that easy. There are several things that are very hard to find in Africa. I have heard my colleagues in fits of anger when they cannot find anywhere that sells good dill pickles. I sympathize with them, as whiffle balls are similarly non-existent. So if you sympathize with me and you have a couple of whiffle balls lying around, consider putting them to good use by sending them to:

19 Cedar St.
Newlands, South Africa 7700

I will bring you back a cricket ball in exchange.

-Noah Lambie, Bowdoin College 03

Additional information on the Cape Town program is at CBB Cape Town
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