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Bowdoin Releases Profile of Incoming Class of 2005

Story posted June 25, 2001

After receiving a record 4,536 applications this year, Bowdoin College has released a profile of admitted students for its incoming Class of 2005.

Of the students who applied, 1,063 were offered admission (23.4%), and 447 have indicated their intention to matriculate. Men account for 227 places, with women taking 220 places.

Of those enrolled, 81 are students of color: 26 African Americans, two Native Americans, 36 Asian Americans, and 17 Latinos/as.

Students from 37 U.S. states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, are among the incoming class. New England states account for 50.8% of the class, with 106 students from Massachusetts, 69 from Maine, and 24 from Connecticut.

New York accounts for 36 students. Other states with ten or more students are California with 17, New Jersey with 17, Pennsylvania with 15, Minnesota with 13, and Maryland with 11.

Thirteen foreign countries are represented, with five students coming from the United Kingdom, four from Canada, two from France, two from Singapore, two from China, and one each from Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Of those students who were ranked in their high school classes, 61.7% ranked in the top five percent, and 79.6% ranked in the top ten percent (56.2% of those intending to enroll did not have high school rankings).

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