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Bowdoin Holds Honors Day Ceremony

Story posted May 10, 2001

On Wednesday, May 9, Bowdoin College held its fifth annual Honors Day presentation of awards to students and faculty who have distinguished themselves both in and out of the classroom. The ceremony was held at Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall.

Students arrived in a procession led by the Bowdoin College Chamber Choir and World Music Ensemble, who performed the Dagbamba Drumming piece “Damba” and Louis Martinez’s “Alto Songo.” Later, The Indecisions (formerly B.O.C.A.) performed a rousing a cappella interlude which included “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”

President Edwards welcomed everyone to the ceremony, “an occasion of which I’ve grown very fond.”

In his remarks, President Edwards advised students to be careful as their lives become busier and more rigorous. Letting hard work overtake your life, he warned, “can make you less effective, make you be a lousy friend and a bit of a bore.” Every ten days or so, he said, “you have to stop and do what you want. . . . Sit in a field, go to a concert or a museum, and take those you love along.” Comparing a busy life to a swift boat, he advised, “You’re rigged for speed, but for your best performance, don’t pinch!”

The Honors Day Address, entitled “With a Little Help from My Friends,” was delivered by Enrique Yepes, assistant professor of romance languages. Examining the reason the group gathered on “Honors Day,” Yepes maintained it is in no small part because “we got a little help” along the way from friends. Of the many definitions of “honor,” Yepes said, he particularly identified with the one connecting honor to a bow: a demonstration of honor to an admired person. A bow shows “I honor the place where you and I are one, a bond where individuality and mutuality are not exclusive. . . . In other words, Friendship. This is the kind of ‘honor’ I’d like to emphasize. The feeling of worth by connecting with another.”

The awards were then presented to dozens of outstanding individuals (students listed are seniors unless noted otherwise):

Takeyoshi Nishiuchi, assistant professor of Asian studies, was presented with the Sydney B. Karofsky Award for Junior Faculty. The award is given annually to a member of the faculty who “best demonstrates the ability to impart knowledge, inspire enthusiasm, and stimulate intellectual curiosity.”

Students were then recognized for winning national awards. Twenty seniors have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary fraternity open to top scholars of the graduating class:

Samuel G. Arnold
Bryce T. Bennett

Karyn L. Bishop
Marisa Dulyachinda
Heather E. English
Sarah K. Groff
Lydia A. Herring
Curtis R. Jirsa
Katherine A. Leppanen
Michael F. Micciche III
Brian N. Mohr
Adrienne J. Oakley
Channing J. Paller
Sarah C. Pope
Marco J. Quina
Emily C. Repp
Aaron M. Rosen
Christopher D. Stearns
Yuichiro Suzuki
Douglas L. Vail

Six seniors earned prestigious Fulbright Awards to study or teach abroad next year. Christopher D. Stearns won a full award to continue study in the United Kingdom. Kirsten S. Partenheimer, Miriam E. Platzer, Russell T. Sherwood, Lindsey F. Tethal, and Barbara L. Thurston all won teaching awards. Each will go to Germany to teach English to high school students. Zachary A. Borus and Peter P. Holman Jr. were named Fulbright alternates.

Douglas L. Vail received Honorable Mention for a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Award. Kristopher R. Bosse ’02 has been awarded a Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Thomas J. Watson Fellowships have been awarded to Jared W. Hickman, Andrew M. Mountcastle, and Isabella Sarkisyan.

Craig McEwen, dean for academic affairs, announced the winners of the Bowdoin College Research Awards. Over 60 students, representing all class years, were asked to stand and be honored. “Look around you,” McEwen urged the audience, “to see how active a place of research this will be!”

Craig Bradley, dean of student affairs, presented Commencement Awards to Nathaniel Chase Vinton (Goodwin Commencement Prize), Christine A. DeTroy (Class of 1868 Prize), Michael F. Micciche III (first prize, DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Prize), and Lovey D. Roundtree (second prize, DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Prize).

Curtis R. Jirsa was given the Brooks-Nixon Prize as the best Bowdoin candidate for selection as a Rhodes scholar.

President Edwards presented Christopher D. Stearns and Shana C. Stump with the Andrew Allison Haldane Cup. This cup is given to a member or members of the senior class who demonstrate outstanding qualities of leadership and character. Molly L. Perencevich was awarded the Lucien Howe Prize, given by the faculty to a member of the senior class who as an undergraduate showed the “highest qualities of conduct and character.”

Kara J. Angeloni and Robin D. Koo were presented with the President’s Award. This award, inaugurated in 1997 by Edwards, recognizes a student’s exceptional personal achievements and uncommon contributions to the College.

Extracurricular awards were given to students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and character during their time at Bowdoin. Departmental awards were presented to those students who excelled in particular fields of study.

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