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Bowdoin to Honor Student Employees

Story posted March 21, 2001

This article was contributed by Erika Leach '02.

Bowdoin College will honor student employees as the campus celebrates Student Employment Week, beginning Sunday, April 8. Student Employment Week not only celebrates the important role student employees play at Bowdoin, but aims to educate and involve more people in the student employment program, and allows student employees and their supervisors to recognize the importance of their working relationship.

Approximately 650 students - over 40% of the student body - are employed by the College. Their earnings help pay for tuition, books, spring break trips, and many other expenses. By working just seven hours a week while classes are in session (approximately 28 weeks) at the lowest wage rate ($5.50/hr), a student can earn $1,078 per academic year.

On-campus employment is ideal for many students. It allows them to earn money, but still have time for academics, extra-curricular activities, and social lives. Bowdoin students also benefit from a group of supervisors who understand that academics must be a student's first priority. Supervisors find shifts that fit into employees' busy schedules, and can allow students time off during examination periods and school breaks.

Many campus jobs are ideal for students. Running the scoreboard at sporting events, leading campus tours, and serving as proctor/resident advisor and lab assistants are just a few of the jobs held by Bowdoin students. Each job requires only a few hours' commitment a week.

To ensure that students get the most out of their employment, the Student Employment Office strives to provide the means for Bowdoin students to find a job that will give them both valuable skills and experience that will be beneficial in the long run. Some Bowdoin graduates have sought jobs closely related to ones they held on campus. While others have sought different careers, student employment allowed them to develop leadership, management, and computer skills to assist them in a variety of professions.

One student employee who has learned many skills applicable outside of Bowdoin is senior Chris Stearns of Auburn, Maine. Chris holds the student research assistant position in the Government department.

During the past four years, Chris has developed his research skills by assisting professors in the proofreading, researching, and indexing of two books, an experience which has taught him about the publishing world. Chris has also developed new computer skills editing the Government department web page.

"Chris quietly takes the leadership role and proceeds to share his knowledge and skills gladly with coworkers," says government department academic coordinator Pat Leask.

The following Bowdoin students have earned recognition as Outstanding Student Employees for 2000-01. Their contributions will be celebrated at the Outstanding Student Employee Reception Wednesday, April 11.

Student Employee (Department of Employment)
Kara Angeloni '01 (Student Activities)
Cesar Aviles '04 (Dining Service)
Allison Binkowski '03 (Outing Club)
Emily Boss '02 (Office of Communications)
Matthew Boyd '01 (Theater and Dance)
Nicholas Canedy '01 (Dining Service)
Sarah Coleman '03 (Theater and Dance)
Kathleen Cunningham '01 (Theater and Dance)
Megan Delage '01 (Career Planning Center)
Emily Duffus '03 (Admissions; Dining Service)
Nicolas Filipelli '01 (Library-AV)
Rachel Gruszka '02 (Theater and Dance)
Megan M. Hayes '03 (Alumni Relations)
Jared Hickman '99 (Library)
Robin Koo '01 (Student Activities)
Erika Leach '02 (Student Employment)
Kate Leppanen '01 (Library)
Elizabeth Lieb '01 (Library-AV)
Elisabeth McCaffrey '04 (Dining Service)
Jennifer McDonnell '02 (Dean of Student Affairs)
John Meyers '02 (Computer Information Services)
Courtney Mongell '01 (Office of Communications)
Laurie Nelson '01 (Library)
Claire Newton '02 (Alumni Relations)
Megan T. O'Brien '02 (Education and Religion depts.)
Shawn Pelletier '02 (Biology)
Sylvia Raytcheva '01 (Theater and Dance)
Abby Robarts '03 (Biology)
Omega Roberts '04 (Dining Service)
Kristen Shedd '01 (Dining Service)
Jill Shirey '03 (Dean of Student Affairs)
Christopher Stearns '01 (Government)
Kathryn L. Steele '01 (Library)
Marissa Steinfeld '01 (Events and Summer Programs)
Zachary Stone '04 (Dining Service)
Kenneth Templeton '01 (America Reads)
Colin Thibadeau '03 (Library-AV)
Justin Watras '02 (Admissions)
Jan Welch '04 (Dining Service)
Catherine Wheeler (Dining Service)
Evangeline White '04 (Dining Service)

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