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Bowdoin Employees Honored for Length of Service

Story posted March 19, 2001

Bowdoin College honored employees who have reached length of service milestones at a celebratory luncheon held March 16 in Thorne Hall.

President Robert H. Edwards presided over the annual Service Awards, which this year honored six faculty and staff members reaching the 25-year milestone, and eight faculty and staff reaching the 20-year mark.

Fifteen Bowdoin staff members who reached the 15-year milestone were also honored, as were 17 reaching the ten-year mark, and 27 celebrating five years at the College. As President Edwards pointed out, the ceremony honored 73 people for 843 total years worked!

Referring to the Service Awards, President Edwards said the event allows us to realize the remarkable array of skills and personalities it takes to keep a place like Bowdoin going. “We are being recognized for ‘turning up’,” he said slyly (quoting Groucho Marx who claimed “80 percent of success is turning up”). But considering what it means to “turn up” everyday--especially when faced with Maine’s icy, dark winter mornings--the service to the College from these individuals is especially meaningful.

Those honored for 25 years:

Ronald L. Christensen, chemistry department, is the James Stacy Coles Professor of Natural Sciences, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the Sciences. Called a “distinguished chemist” by Edwards, Christensen has served as department chair and on virtually all key faculty committees. Known affectionately by his students as “RC,” he is also on a mission to increase the state of Michigan’s representation on campus! Edward’s noted that it was Christensen’s “diplomacy” that got the department through the construction/renovation of Druckenmiller/Cleaveland Hall.

Patricia R. Grover, switchboard operator, is a past winner of Bowdoin’s Employee Excellence Award. She is regarded as the professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate “voice of Bowdoin.” Praised by Edwards for “understanding this place better than anyone,” she is well known for her warm smile, empathetic nature, and capacity for compassion. The students mean the most to Pat, and it is not unusual for a student to return from break with collectible pig to add to Pat’s collection displayed at the switchboard.

Jane E. Knox-Voina, professor of Russian, has served as the director of Women’s Studies, and is currently the chair of the oversight committee on the status of women. In addition to teaching in the Russian department, she has organized film festivals, visits from Russian filmmakers and poets, and Russian choruses. She has received numerous grants and awards for her many interests, including a leave grant to complete her book Cinderella Syndrome in Hollywood and Moscow Film. Her deep, caring nature is evident everywhere, including in her becoming the adoptive parent to a deaf child, and making the difficult decision to donate a kidney to her brother.

Mary V. Macul, technical services cataloging and subject assistant for the Library, began at Bowdoin as a laboratory technician in the biology department. She was responsible for compressing the College card catalog, and is an expert at rescue and recovery of books threatened by flood, mildew, and other hazards. The Library loves to tell the story about Mary climbing on top of the seven-foot high card catalog machine and slipping into the machine where cards had gotten stuck. All that was visible were Mary’s two feet sticking out of the top of the machine! Mary is also well known for her many elegant hats.

Allen L. Springer, professor of government, is an international relations specialist with a focus on international law. Presently completing a study of regional ocean management on the Gulf of Maine, he has served as dean of students and in the office of dean of student affairs, and has a long length of service on “one of the most delicate and important” committees on campus, the committee on appointments, promotions and tenure. Allen also has a reputation as being the best basketball player on the faculty, and even “shamed” Chris Potholm into playing defense for the first time in his life!

William C. Watterson, English department, is the Edward Little Professor of English Language and Literature. A specialist in Shakespeare, drama and creative writing, he has also served as consultant for the Maine Department of Educational Services. Renowned as a “character,” he has the reputation of being the fastest wit on the faculty. Among Bill’s most famous remarks: “Every man has a price, and I’m competitive”; “When you get mail from so-and-so you think someone has sent you a fruitcake, only to find out that a fruitcake has sent you something.” He says when he dies, he wants to be cremated and havehis ashes sprinkled over the salad bar at Moulton Union so that he will be remembered as a man of true grit!

Those with 25 years of service were honored with a choice of a Bradco handmade cherry chair or a Bowdoin College campus lithograph.

Those honored for 20 years:

Pamela J. Bryer, biology department, first came to Bowdoin as a teaching fellow, and advanced to her current position of laboratory instructor and director of laboratories. Known for her love of science, her outreach work has included encouraging young women to pursue the sciences. Her trademarks are her technical expertise and her enthusiasm.

Sara A. Caron, facilities management, began her tenure at Bowdoin as a part-time dining service aide, and has since advanced to her current position of materials assistant/clerk in the facilities warehouse. Known for her cheerful personality, she is renowned for customer service and employee relations. She was thanked by Edwards for “20 years of perspective and contribution to the College.”

Louann K. Dustin-Hunter began her career at Bowdoin as a security officer. Now assistant director of security, she completed her reserve officer’s certificate at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, and was designated by the Maine Attorney General’s office as a civil rights investigator. Edwards pointed out that a measure of security’s success is the fact we don’t hear about it often, and he thanked her for helping give students a place to grow and learn without fear.

Irene J. Hilton, academic department coordinator for the economics department, played a central role in her department’s conversion to electronic communications. Her computer competency makes her a resource for other employees, and she is known for her organizational ability and effective time management. Her knowledge of the College is often summed up in an answer she provides: “I’ll take care of it.”

Charles A. Morneau, now an assistant cook, began his Bowdoin career as a baker. He has been praised for his creativity with the salad bar and his rapport with student employees, and is known as a jack-of-all-trades instrumental in keeping the dining service operations running smoothly. He has a great sense of humor, a fact put to the test a few years ago when he was told people complained his cakes were too heavy; this “fact” was proven when the crew presented Charlie with a very heavy cake—which they baked full of hockey pucks!

Beverly G. Reynolds, secretary in alumni/development information services, is heralded for thriving on an extraordinary volume of work. Known as a team player and extremely loyal Bowdoin employee, she proves her interpersonal skills time and again through her greetings of all the College’s visitors. She was lauded by Edwards for keeping track of the tens of thousands of personalized thank-you letters to the Alumni Fund. Known as a classy lady, and enjoys driving very BIG cars.

Gerlinde W. Rickel, academic department coordinator for the philosophy department, is a past Bowdoin Employee Excellence Award winner. A budget expert, she has served on the budget committee, and has prompted people in the department to wonder, “Who works for whom?” She is considered to be just as outstanding in her work with students as she is in all other aspects of her job. A famous story tells of Gerlinde’s receiving a call from a student who could not make it to class because his car was broken down in Freeport. Thanks to the new “spy phones” on campus, Gerlinde asked, “They why are you calling from your fraternity house?” The student came to class!

Bryce M. Rollins, equipment operator in facilities management, previously served Bowdoin as a security officer and grounds keeper. The only “official” heavy equipment operator on campus, he was called by Edwards “the man who makes mountains” in reference to the campus’s recent snow removal needs. It is appropriate that the model of one of the tractors Bryce uses is a “JCB”—this has become known at facilities management as “Just Call Bryce,” indicative of his irreplaceability on campus.

Those with 20 years of service were honored with a brass clock with a Bowdoin Sun Face.

The following employees were honored for 15 years of service with a Larson crystal bear and a Massachusetts Hall pin:

Rene L. Bernier, chemistry
Thim Chhim, dining service, Thorne Hall
Michael W. Farmer, dining service, Moulton Union
Timothy D. French, facilities management
Timothy J. Gilbride, athletics
Anne B. Haas, library
Sarah M. Jensen, library
Joanne Levesque, student records
Janice L. Mason, dining service, Thorne Hall
Darryl L. Osmond, facilities management
Peter O. Russell, CIS
Anne W. Springer, admissions office
Sydnae M. Steinhart, library
Darrell Trott, dining service, Moulton Union
Joan D. Viles, office of communications and public affairs

The following employees were honored for ten years of service with a Dansk silver-plated bear and Bowdoin Sun pin:

Kathryn A. Baribeau, bookstore
Randall M. Bowden, dining service, Moulton Union
David L. Clark, facilities management, housekeeping
Lorica A. Cummings, athletics
Blythe Bickel Edwards, vice president, planning and development
Robert H. Edwards, president
Deborah L. Haley, dining service, Moulton Union
Stephen H. Joyce, student aid
Linda M. Kreamer, admissions
Charlotte H. Magnuson, history
Colleen T. McKenna, chemistry
Ann M. Paquet, dining service, Moulton Union
Denise M. Perry, children’s center
Richard E. Steele, admissions
Christopher T. Taylor, campus services
Betty C. Trout-Kelly, president’s office
Jo Warner, facilities management, housekeeping

The following employees were honored for five years of service with a polar bear pin:

Michele K. Amidon, athletics
Joseph D. Andrews, dining service, Smith Union
Julie J. Bisson, admissions
Donald V. Borkowski, facilities management
Craig W. Bradley, dean of student affairs
Victoria L. Brillant, children’s center
Joseph S. Calvo, campus services
Debbie J. Caron, dining service, Moulton Union
Donald W. Crane, athletics
Mark S. Donovan, facilities management
Donald D. Duncan, treasurer’s office
Kirk G. Favreau, facilities management
Alison Ferris, museum of art
Timothy W. Foster, dean of student affairs
Lisa M. Fox, dining service
Robert D. Graves, residential life
George D. Hale, facilities management
Diane R. Hansen, admissions office
Kristine L. Johnson, music
Dorothy D. Martinson, dean for academic affairs
Nicola C. Pearson, athletics
Sharon L. Pedersen, CIS
Shelley Roseboro, counseling service
Rebecca F. Sandlin, CIS
Alan J. Tessier, dining service, Thorne Hall
Jon O. Tobey, facilities management, housekeeping
Delwin C. Wilson, events and summer programs

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