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The Peace Corps Honors Bowdoin for its High Number of Peace Corps Volunteers

Story posted September 27, 2000

Bowdoin graduates often speak of how the College instilled them with the ideals of public service. Many graduates, among them Secretary of Defense William Cohen and former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, have elected to make governmental public service their careers.

Though these many graduates achieve recognition later in their careers, Bowdoin has sent many students directly from their studies at Bowdoin out into international public service by way of the Peace Corps.

Since Bowdoin sent its first volunteer to the Peace Corps, many more students have left Bowdoin and the United States to spend two years in service in a developing country. Now Bowdoin has been named one of the top producers of Peace Corps volunteers among small colleges and universities.

A "Top 10" list of colleges producing Peace Corps volunteers is constructed each year. Bowdoin first appeared on the list last year at number nine. This year Bowdoin is at number nine again. Deputy Director of the Peace Corps Charles Baquet III will present an Outstanding Contribution Award to Bowdoin on Friday, Sept. 29, in recognition of the College’s rank. Baquet has a long career in foreign service and is the former Ambassador to Djibouti. After presenting the award, he will speak to students, faculty and staff about the future of the Peace Corps.

He plans to discuss the new countries being entered in the next five years, the difficulty and need of recruiting more people of color and the Agency’s lead in sustainable development in developing countries.

Since Bowdoin sent it’s first volunteer to the Peace Corps, the number of Bowdoin graduates in service has continued to increase. Currently Bowdoin has 16 graduates in service or in training overseas. While that number might not sound very big, it is a large number of volunteers for a school of Bowdoin’s size to produce. When the list was compiled, Bowdoin had 15 volunteers. The top school on the list of all schools sending volunteers was the University of Wisconsin, Madison, which had 117 volunteers out of it’s 28,000 undergraduate students — that’s 1 in every 100 Bowdoin students compared to their 1 in every 240.

Following are the Bowdoin graduates in the Peace Corps, and their countries of service.

Meagan Hall; Philippines
Noah Jackson; Philippines
Eric Pavri; Guatemala
Arthur Kirby; Bolivia
Lauren Gregory; Dominican Republic
Ken Rampino; Mali
Bija Sass; Papua New Guinea
Allison Glasmann; Benin
Valarie Merrick; Bangladesh
Laura Fitzgerald; Malawi
Peter La Raus; Bolivia

In training:

Susan White; Morocco
Erika Kahill; Burkina Faso
Maria Lampadarios; Russia, Far East
Kristen Winters; Romania
Dorsey Lockhart; China

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