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Bowdoin Student Injured Saving Boy in Crash

Story posted July 24, 2000

Zhara Mahlstedt 02 was injured earlier this month when she pushed a boy out of the way of a van collision and was, herself, pinned between the two vans.

Mahlstedt was working in Martha's Vineyard this summer as driver for Adam Cab. According to the Cape Cod Times, Mahlstedt, along with a 13-year-old boy, was unloading a taxi van at the airport. A second van approached, but the driver neglected to put the vehicle in park before exiting. It began rolling toward Mahlstedt's van, and when the second driver attempted to stop it, he stepped on the gas instead.

Mahlstedt pushed the boy out of the way when she saw the van approaching. She was pinned between the two vans and suffered several broken bones and tissue damage.

She was praised by the boy for her bravery, which her family said was typical of Mahlstedt's selflessness.

An article is available at the Cape Cod Times.

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