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Bowdoin Releases Profile of Incoming First-year Students

Story posted May 12, 2000

Bowdoin College has released a profile of its incoming class, which will include 460 students.

The college accepted 1,140 of the 4,170 students who applied for admission last winter, or 27.3% of the applicants. This makes the class of 2004 Bowdoin's most competitive since the Class of 1994.

Fifty-five percent of the entering class attend public secondary schools. Thirteen percent of the incoming class is from parochial schools. Private schools make up the remaining 32%.

The incoming class includes students from 39 states. California made a strong showing at sixth place, with 18 students. Massachusetts sent the most students-109-and Maine students make up just over 10% of the class. The top ten states represented are:

1) Massachusetts: 109
2) New York: 56
3) Maine: 47
4) Connecticut: 30
5) Pennsylvania: 21
6) California: 18
7) New Hampshire: 17
8) New Jersey: 15
9) Washington: 10
10) Maryland: 9

There are 31 students coming from other countries. The top four nations represented are: Canada (6); Great Britain (3); Japan (2); and Korea (2). Other nations represented with one student each are:

* Belgium
* Brazil
* Bulgaria
* Egypt
* France
* Germany
* Ghana
* Haiti
* Hong Kong
* Netherlands
* Pakistan
* Portugal
* Russia
* Singapore
* Saudi Arabia
* Switzerland
* Thailand
* Vietnam

Eighty-three students of color have made plans to matriculate this fall: 24 Hispanics, 36 Asian Americans, 6 Native Americans, and 17 black students. These numbers represent a significant increase in the enrollment of students of color.

"We're getting the students we want," said Fumio Sugihara, assistant dean of admissions and coordinator for student of color recruitment. "These are students who can contribute a great deal to the college and who will get a lot out of their experience here."

Bowdoin has made recruitment of students of color a major priority and expects to see those enrollment numbers grow steadily in the next few years.

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