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Five Bowdoin Staff Win Annual Employee Excellence Awards

Story posted May 03, 2000

Five employees have been selected to receive Bowdoin College’s annual Employee Excellence Award from a pool of 52 nominations for 37 employees. The college will honor the award winners at a reception Thursday, May 4.

Those being honored are Henry Haley, Housekeeper (Facilities Management); Pam Labbe, Administrative Assistant (Chemistry); Brenda Rice, Administrator/Radiology Technologist (Health Services); Gary Smith, Housekeeper (Facilities Management); and Ray Tetreault, Operations Assistant/Team Leader (Dining Service). The nominations came from students and fellow employees.

Henry Haley has served in many capacities within the Housekeeping division of Facilities Management and is well respected and known for doing excellent work. In addition to winning the Employee Excellence Award, Henry retires this year after 15 years of service.

Henry has done every job in housekeeping. He is always willing to help someone out or to fill in for someone who is out. On one occasion, Henry was called in on his day off because of a flooding situation at the college. Even though he was not home when the call was made, he still arrived ready to assist with the crisis. "Henry has a heart of gold that bleeds Bowdoin’s ‘black and white,’" one of his nominators said of him. Henry excels by knowing all aspects of his job as well as knowing every square inch of the Bowdoin campus.

Pamalee Labbe was hired in the Chemistry Department in 1964. The entire department nominated her for this award. They consider her a "cornerstone of the Chemistry Department". Pam is known for cheerfully and efficiently managing the department’s complex operations. She provides administrative support for nine faculty (full-time and adjunct) and five laboratory instructors and staff persons. She assists with nationwide searches, coordinating the logistics for the speakers program, preparing materials and mailings for Chemistry majors, organizing aspects of the awards and honors programs, and prepares the annual report of the accrediting agency.

Pam oversees 20 accounts and external grants, manages the summer program, Infrared Spectroscopy, and does all of this with her characteristic dependability, organization and upbeat disposition. She is cheerful and professional. She gives her undivided attention to all and makes Bowdoin a welcoming place to many department visitors.

Brenda Rice has worked in the Infirmary since her Bowdoin career began in 1976. Brenda is well respected by the Bowdoin community, is a genuinely caring person and has a wonderful sense of humor. She has a great rapport with Bowdoin students. She is very involved with the United Way and MaineShare workplace giving campaigns on campus.

Brenda’s unique role at the Dudley Coe Health Center, as administrative coordinator, radiology technician and medical records/insurance specialist has been exemplary. Her commitment to professional excellence is exemplified by the multiple certifications she holds in support of her work. She frequently gives her personal time at Bowdoin sporting events to be available for immediate x-ray support and can always be counted on for enthusiastic cheering of all Bowdoin team members.

Gary Smith has worked at the college as a housekeeper for only a year and a half, but he has quickly distinguished himself in this capacity. The library staff commented that the building has never been so well kept as it is now with his care. He excels at customer service, initiative and teamwork, and he takes pride in his work. He took it upon himself to polish the circulation counter regularly. He considers his job to be maintaining the public "face" of the library. This is evident in the library’s shiny counters, neat carpets and clean staff areas.

Gary is kind hearted, hardworking and always mindful of how his work impacts others. "I look forward to Gary’s smile and hello when I arrive in the mornings," one of the library staff said. "Not only does Gary frequently mention how much he enjoys his job, he has repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm for serving the Bowdoin student body."

Raymond Tetreault first began his career at Bowdoin in 1981 as the Dining Service Warehouse Supervisor. In 1997, he became the Operations Assistant/Team Leader. Ray is meticulous and extremely organized. He watches out for the college’s best interests, and with food orders he is very conscious of price and quality.

Ray is well liked by his coworkers. He is known for working hard and is always willing to help anyone who needs it. He often does extra things for his co-workers that are not particularly enjoyable, like peeling onions. One of the employees who nominated Ray describes herself as a new employee and said that "he made me feel most welcome and appreciated as a new employee."

The reception for the award winners is open to the Bowdoin community. It will be held at the Morrell Lounge in the Smith Union on Thursday, May 4, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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