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Biochemistry Department Gets a $15,000 Boost

Story posted February 18, 2000

John Howland and William Steinhart, professors of biology and biochemistry, recently won a $15,000 grant to purchase equipment to bolster the development of a laboratory biochemistry course. The grant comes from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, and will be used with approximately $30,000 from the College to purchase molecular biology equipment.

The equipment will enable Howland and Steinhart to extend the scope of the course further in the direction of contemporary molecular biology, enhancing their capability in such areas as nucleotide isolation, separation and sequencing.

They explained that in the coming years, classical biochemistry and molecular biology will be increasingly and profoundly overlapping, along with relevant elements of bioorganic and physical chemistry, in order to pursue chemical approaches to biological problems.

Howland and Steinhart are designing a laboratory course that they say will represent activity in an actual research laboratory.

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