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Bowdoinís New Cable Station Looks Forward to Second Semester

Story posted December 29, 1999

The Bowdoin Cable Network has wound up a successful first semester with big plans for the future.

In time for the Oct. 13 launch date, the station had produced an episode of "The Morning After Show," "Cooking with Anand," "The Weekly Show" and several ads. Since then it has produced another ad, several episodes of "The Weekly Show," another episode of "The Morning After Show" and four more episodes of "Cooking With Anand."

Additional programming included movies from the Bowdoin Film and Video Society, six half-hour syndicated shows, and several common interest programs such as the Common Hour lectures by journalist Douglas Kennedy and Prof. Eddie Glaude and the play "The Baltimore Waltz."

The bulletin board also has been operating for much of the semester.

More than 40 people, who have been trained at least on the camera, hold BCN IDs allowing them 24-hour access to the studio. Starting next semester, anyone holding a BCN ID will be required to tape and produce at least one common interest piece during the semester.

BCN has also enlarged its web site (at to include comprehensive program schedules, show descriptions and ads that can be downloaded.

The spring semester should be even more exciting.

The soap opera "The Bowdoin Tower" is in the process of being produced and will be ready to air early next semester. Several other programs that have been in the works over the course of the fall semester could begin filming early next semester, one of which is a sports program.

In addition, BCN retained the services of Rick Brown, assistant professor of broadcast journalism for 17 years at the Medill school of journalism at Northwestern University. The College has provided the station with an additional $10,000 to hire Brown, purchase tapes and create an investment portfolio that will provide the station with a more solid financial foundation. Some of this additional money will be used to setup a television in the Union for BCN, pending approval of a location.

Finn O'Brien, founder and general manager of BCN hopes that in the next few years the station will begin providing live intranet broadcasting to reach every person on campus who has a computer.

More immediate goals include expanding the pool of participants and increasing the involvement of each participant; recruiting more staff for PR projects and to update the bulletin board; moving into the local business community for advertising; schedule training sessions.

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