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Students from Masque and Gown Perform in the Chapel

Story posted October 01, 1999

Five performers from Masque and Gown, under the direction of Kevin Newbury, carried on the spirit of Common Hour with a presentation certain to at least make the audience think, if not talk, about what they’d heard.

Their work was preceded by the musical talent of sophomore Jaime Bard, who performed two songs in the folk tradition, accompanied only by her own guitar.

Then seniors Kathryn Enright, Saudia Davis, Margot Duffy, Alexandra Codina and Katie Davis read excerpts from authors who dealt with subjects the students felt were relevant to Bowdoin: the romance, hopefulness and end of love; prejudice and ignorance of other races and cultures; rape and abortion. They also sprinkled some humor among the weightier topics, with readings about proms, blind dates and panic attacks.

The women positioned themselves in the front, back and sides of the Chapel, surrounded by the audience, and took turns reading from the works of Israel Horovitz, Saul Williams, Jessica Moore, Ntozake Shange, Wendy Wasserstein, Terrance McNally, Joan Ackerman, Allen Davis III, Pablo Nerude, Steve Somkin, Edwin Sanchez and Olga Humhrey.

There was no introduction to each piece, no announcement of who was the actress, the author or the title. When one piece concluded, and that voice went silent, a voice from another part of the Chapel began the next piece. And so it continued, a seamless progression of thoughts and ideas, some whimsical, some angry.

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