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Remarks by Stanley F. Druckenmiller '75, Managing Director of the Soros Fund, delivered at the groundbreaking ceremony for new science facility
October 14, 1995

Story posted October 14, 1995

I play a game for a living. It is stimulating, fun and apparently, I'm pretty good at it. But making money on Wall Street can never be an end in itself unless you want to join in the ranks of T.S. Eliot's hollow men. No winning trade can ever give you a feeling in your soul like a doctor who by the proper diagnosis ends a child's pain. No trade will ever render the inner peace a scientist must feel when she makes a discovery which will alleviate human suffering for years to come. No trade can ever match the feeling one derives from serving the common good.

That is why I agree with George Soros when he says making money is easier than giving it away. For a financier, making money is fun, giving it away is a chance to make a difference, to serve the common good. If done properly, it is a chance to satisfy your soul. It is serious business; it is not a game.

Thank you Bowdoin. Thank you for providing such a clear and easy choice. To see so many graduates making a difference in their daily endeavors, and to know that they acquired the tools and the confidence here, gives me a wonderful feeling in helping propel this incredible, historic institution into the next century.

More specifically, I know that for many years in the future doctors and scientists who will make a difference in the human condition and the environment we live in will be prepared in this building.

Wonderful things are happening at Bowdoin. After a fallow period, we all sensed several years ago that Bowdoin was regaining momentum. I stated at that time that if Bowdoin was a stock I'd buy it. That momentum has been clearly established and is now accelerating.

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