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MacEachern Book Wins Top Prize Among Africanists

Story posted April 05, 2011

MacEachern book cover

Archaeologist Scott MacEachern, Bowdoin Professor of Anthropology, recently was awarded the 2010 Book Prize by the Society of Africanist Archaeologists.

His book, Komé-Kribi: Rescue Archaeology Along the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline, 1999-2004, presents discoveries MacEachern and colleagues made during their survey and excavations of 1,070 kilometers along the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline. It is the longest archaeological survey ever undertaken in Africa and resulted in the discovery of 472 new sites from the Middle Stone Age to the Iron Age.

In citing the monograph, which was published in both English and French volumes, the reviewers said: "...The volume provides an excellent model for how corporations, governments, communities and researchers can collaborate to navigate a complex process and obtain an archaeologically successful result. Cultural resource management (CRM) of this magnitude is rare in Africa and most other parts of the globe and so the book also has an audience well beyond the continent."

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