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Story posted January 23, 2011

Events open to the public, unless otherwise noted.

Film Screening of The Dead, Friday, January 28, 6:30 p.m., Beam Classroom. John Huston’s 1987 film version of The Dead. “The Dead” was added by Joyce as the final story in his collection Dubliners (1914). Open to campus community only.

Film Screening of Nora, Sunday, January 30, 6:30 p.m., Beam Classroom. Murphy’s 2000 film Nora is based on Brenda Maddox’s book about the life of James Joyce’s wife. There, she visualizes the autobiographical drama at the center of Joyce’s story, where his questions about the nature of his wife’s love became the material of his great work. Open to campus community only.

Secret Joyceans : A Ulysses reading group for community members interested in reading and discussing the novel. Sundays, from 3-5 p.m. in the McKeen Study: January 30, February 27, March 27.

Bowdoin Book Lecture Series: Marilyn Reizbaum, “Comparing The Dead: Joyce’s Story and Huston’s Film” Wednesday, February 2 (Joyce’s birthday), Main Lounge, Moulton Union, 7 p.m. This talk examines the relationship between James Joyce's renowned story, written in 1907, and John Huston's 1987 film version. "The Dead" was added by Joyce as the final story in his collection Dubliners (1914). Reizbaum will also examine Pat Murphy's 2000 film Nora, based on the book by Brenda Maddox about the life of Joyce's wife, looking at the issue of adaptation from life to art and from words to visual images. What are the gains and losses inherent in the translation of one medium into another? Sponsored by the Association of Bowdon Friends.

Exhibition of Joyceana, Feb. 2-9 and April 8-15, H-L Library, first floor. Examples of rare and unusual editions of Ulysses and other Joyceana from the Bowdoin's George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections and Archives.

Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Media Gallery, selected films and shorts, March 28-April 30: Many point to Joycean literary technique as cinematic, in its use of montage, dissolving scenes, point of view, and in its filmic language. Included here in this “montage” of Joyce-related films, in part or complete, are classic filmic works of the period coincident with the emergence of Joyce’s Ulysses, a filmic representation of Joyce’s novel, and a documentary short, using photographs to set up the Dublin lavishly memorialized in the novel.

In order of appearance:
Battleship Potemkin (1925), Sergei Eisenstein (d.)—the famous “Odessa Staircase” sequence, used so often to explain the technique of montage.
Un Chien Andelou (1929), Luis Buñuel (d.)and Salvador Dali, Surrealism’s classic, referencing Freudian dream work (16 minutes).
Faithful Departed (1987), Kieran Hickey (d.)—photographs of Joyce’s Dublin (11 minutes)
Ulysses (1967), Joseph Strick (d.)— excerpts, the “Circe” and “Penelope” episodes.

Exhibition of prints and etchings of Ulysses by Norah Maki '09, Fishbowl, Visual Arts Center, Friday, April 1, through Friday, April 15.

Gallery Talk by Norah Maki '09, James Joyce Scholar, Zurich James Joyce Foundation ‘10: “May I Trespass on Your Valuable Space”-- Creating a series of prints based on, Ulysses, April 8, 4:30 p.m., Beam Classroom (Alumni Weekend).

Symposium: The Next Joyce Century: Still Fearing and Loving Ulysses, April 14-15, 2011. Underwritten by Alpha Delta Phi Society Literary Fund. At the turn of the last millennium, there was much stock-taking, including the requisite ranking of the best writing. The 20th century resoundingly returned Ulysses as its best novel. It will be the symposium’s aim to consider the place and role of this formidable novel in this new era, as far as the eye can see.

Participants: Karen Lawrence, President of Sarah Lawrence College; Joseph Valente, Professor of English, SUNY Buffalo; Damien Keane, Assistant Professor of English, SUNY Buffalo; Marilyn Reizbaum, Professor of English, Bowdoin College

April 14: Shannon Room, 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m., Reception to follow
April 15: Roundtable with Symposium Participants: The Question of Difficulty, Faculty Room, Massachusetts Hall, top floor faculty room, 4-6 p.m.

For more information, call 725-3364.

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