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Zorina Khan Wins Three-Year NSF Grant

Story posted March 03, 2007

Associate Professor of Economics B. Zorina Khan recently received a $372,000 grant from the National Science Foundation in support of a three-year research project, "Institutional Structure, Incentives and Long Run Technological Change: Evidence from the Great Inventors of the United States and Europe, 1750-1930."

The large-scale study — which Khan will conduct with co-author Kenneth Sokoloff, UCLA Economics Professor — examines the processes that generated important new technological knowledge across and within the major industrial countries.

"This is an ambitious empirical project that will entail a lot of data collection and statistical analysis," noted Khan. "We will be looking at sources of technological change and creativity over a long time period.

"Part of the funding is for research assistants, and I expect there will be some wonderful opportunities for Bowdoin students. After we have planned our strategy, will decide how to allocate the research across undergraduate and graduate students. This will enable me to get a team of undergraduates to work on this project."

The research will build on some of Khan's earlier work, some of which she published in her 2005 book, The Democratization of Invention: Patents and Copyrights in American Economic Development, 1790-1920 (Cambridge University Press).

The NSF grant is being administered by the National Bureau of Economics.

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