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Baumgarte Gets NSF Grant for Computational Physics

Thomas Baumgarte

Story posted April 01, 2005

Thomas Baumgarte, Bowdoin assistant professor of physics and astronomy, has received a $132,676 grant from the National Science Foundation in support of his ongoing research and teaching in computational physics.

One of the nation's leading numerical relativists, Baumgarte's research involves supercomputer simulations of neutron stars and black holes. His goal is to numerically construct theoretical models of these objects to aid in the prediction of gravitational wave signals.

Under his mentoring, Bowdoin students are actively participating in a computational physics research group, where they have the opportunity to collaborate with scientists at other institutions and present their work at conferences and in publications.

Baumgarte has been on the Bowdoin faculty since 2001. In 2004, he received a highly coveted Guggenheim Fellowship in support of his research.

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