Damnationland: Six Short Horror Films by Maine Filmmakers

  • 10/2/2014 | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Location: Sills Hall, Smith Auditorium
  • Event Type: Movie/Film

Damnationland: Six Short Horror Films by Maine FilmmakersDamnationland, now in its fifth year, presents genre-defying original works from Maine filmmakers that redefine the classic thriller and horror categories.

Especially for the Halloween season, this Damnationland retrospective program will feature six short films produced in Maine by Mainers from 2010 through 2013.

These are dark, surreal, and fantastic pieces, and they offer film fans an excellent sampling of the talent producing independent film in Maine today.

Syrup (2013)
What begins as a quaint morning in New England becomes a nightmare over breakfast.
Through The Door Productions
Directed by Caroline O'Connor and Everett Bunker

Penelope: Once Upon A Time In The Woods (2013)
A dark fairy tale set in the Maine woods, where evil twists the imagination of a young girl as her older sister gets pulled to the horrors that lurk within.
Moving Circle Pictures
Directed by Jennifer Widor Smith

Last Call (2010)
The story of an ordinary man who has an epiphany and believes he must perform last rites on zombies because they still have souls. Zombie mayhem in Southern Maine.
Directed by Christian and Sarah Matzke.

Merrow (2012)
A study in the calm terror of the inevitable, "Merrow" tells an otherwordly love story between a man and his mistress of the sea. As their intense relationship winds towards its tragic end, the couple becomes more entwined in a macabre dance of strength, support, and codependence.
Written and directed by Allen Baldwin

Raid of the Vomit-Blood Fiends (2012)
All is well when a husband and wife discuss politics over a candlelit dinner. That is, until the butler misplaces the wine.
Written and directed by R.J. Wilson

Are You The Walkers? (2011) - . This film continues in the spirit of the traditional supernatural folktale. Two men seek to deter a creeping divergence in their friendship by retreating deep into the Maine woods for the weekend. Caught in a sudden and severe blizzard, their relationship unravels as they are visited by a voice that calls to them from the storm. Directed by Derek Kimball

To see more: www.damnationland.com