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Ben Ewen-Campen: "Stem Cell Genes in Germ Cells and in Brains"

  • 11/6/2014 | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Location: Druckenmiller Hall, Room 020
  • Event Type: Seminar

Ben Ewen-Campen: "Stem Cell Genes in Germ Cells and in Brains"Ben Ewen-Campen, Postdoctoral Candidate, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Perrimon Lab.
As an undergraduate, I studied developmental biology with Scott Gilbert at Swarthmore College. I then worked as a technician in Doug Emlen's lab at the University of Montana, studying the development of beetle horns, and in 2014 I received my PhD from Harvard University, working in Cassandra Extavour's lab on the embryonic specification of germ cells. In the Perrimon lab, I am studying long-range regulation of germline stem cell proliferation, and I am also interested in developing new tools for manipulating gene expression.