Math Department Seminar - Laura Foster

  • 4/9/2013 | 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM
  • Location: Searles Science Building, Room 217
  • Event Type: Seminar

Laura Voss Foster of Johns Hopkins University will present a seminar talk titled "Peer-led-team learning (PILOT) to foster collaborative learning: A discussion".

PILOT learning aims to actively teach and demonstrate how collaborative learning uses contributions from individuals to benefit a group, thus fostering a more social learning environment. The JHU program supports calculus, introductory chemistry, physics, and engineering classes. The program is not remedial and is carefully developed to help students of all abilities. The cooperative nature of the program helps reinforce course materials while creating a way for students to meet and work closely with classmates. Our preliminary data indicate that students participating in the program tend to earn higher grades. Previous PILOT participants report that they enjoyed the time spent working with their groups and found it to be more effective than time spent studying alone. In this discussion, preliminary data from attitudinal surveys and student performance will be shared, and I am happy to explore ideas about how to implement a similar program at Bowdoin.

Co-sponsored by Bowdoin Quantitative Reasoning Program and the NSF.