"The Political Aesthetics of Drag": Talk by Shaka McGlotten

  • 3/26/2013 | 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Location: Visual Arts Center, Beam Classroom
  • Event Type: Lecture

"The Political Aesthetics of Drag": Talk by Shaka McGlottenShaka McGlotten is an anthropologist and Associate Professor of Media, Society, and the Arts at Purchase College-SUNY. He teaches about digital culture and new media, and studies how media technologies intersect with ideologies of gender, sexuality, and race.

In his public lecture, The Political Aesthetics of Drag, Professor McGlotten will consider drag more broadly as a possible model for nourishing aesthetic forms that creatively respond to the constraints of modern nation-states. From underground dance clubs to galleries and political protests, he contends that these and other theatrical modes of cross-dressing simultaneously operate both at the margins of cultural production and at its centers. Ultimately, these performers, as well as the aesthetic value of their spectacularly staged gender crossings, form part of the larger whole of queer cultural histories as well as globally circulating ideas about queer difference. In the end, Professor McGlotten argues that these theatrical performances are an aesthetic product that invites its participants and audiences to reconsider notions of personal and collective autonomy.

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