Lecture: "Remembering the Rite of Spring" by Stephen Walsh Oct. 19

  • 10/19/2012 | 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Location: Gibson Hall, Room 101 (Tillotson Room)
  • Event Type: Lecture

Lecture: "Remembering the Rite of Spring" by Stephen Walsh Oct. 19Stravinsky's views on his most famous works changed over the years, but The Rite of Spring was a particular case, partly because he had difficulty getting the notation of the score as he wanted it, partly because he lost interest in the ethnic aspects of the subject, partly because of issues to do with the way the work was, or should be, performed.

This talk traces these changes down the years, and draws some conclusions about Stravinsky's creative methods and his attitude to his own past work.

Stephen Walsh is the author of a major two-volume biography of Stravinsky, as well as a book on his music and books on Schumann and Bartok. He is a well-known music journalist, and holds a personal chair at Cardiff University.