Community Music Works

  • 9/21/2012 | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Location: Banister Hall, Joseph McKeen Ctr for the Common Gd
  • Event Type: Lecture

Community Music Works Based on the conviction that musicians can play an important public service role, Community MusicWorks has created an opportunity for a professional string quartet to build and transform its own urban community. Through the permanent residency of the Providence String Quartet, Community MusicWorks provides free after-school education and performance programs that build meaningful long-term relationships between professional musicians, children, and families in urban neighborhoods of Providence, Rhode Island. Leaders and students will perform and share information about their unique program. Through the storefront residency of professional musicians, Community MusicWorks is exploring the concept of music as activism, building long-term learning and mentoring relationships between musicians, youth, and families in the most underserved neighborhoods of Providence, Rhode Island. At the center of this mission are the teaching, mentoring, program design, and performance activities of the Community MusicWorks Players, the organization's musicians-in-residence.Cosponsored by the McKeen Center for the Common Good, the Office of Career Planning and the Department of Music