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Ask a Student

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The best resources on the Bowdoin student experience are Bowdoin students themselves.

We encourage you to have ongoing contact with a current Bowdoin student, one who has first-hand insight and can tell you about the professors, the courseload, campus housing, the social life, the ins-and-outs. The students below are available via email at askastudent@bowdoin.edu.

Hallie Bates

Hallie Bates

Hometown: Burlington, VT
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Spanish 

Involvements: The Orient (campus newspaper), MacMillan House, America Reads and Counts, Mid Coast Hospital volunteer

Email Hallie

Bryce Ervin

Bryce Ervin

Hometown: Sun Valley, ID
Major: Economics and Environmental Studies (coordinate major)
Minor: French

Involvements: College Library, Crew, Student Admission Volunteer Organization (SAVO)

Email Bryce

Everett Nelor

Everett Nelor

Hometown: Augusta, GA
Major: Psychology

Involvements: Americorps VISTA Gap Year, Curling, Orchestra, Pre-Orientation Trip Leader, Rugby, WBOR 91.1 FM (student radio)

Email Everett

Mark Richter

Mark Richter

Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Major: Africana Studies
Minor: German

Involvements: Community Conversation Against Prejudice, German Study Abroad, Portland Housing Authority Tutor, Slam Poetry

Email Mark

Julian Tamayo

Julian Tamayo

Hometown: McLean, VA
Major: Religion and Art History (double major)
Minor: Education

Involvements: Bowdoin Student Government, Ladd House (President), Overnight Hosting Program, Student Activities Funding Committee

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