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Bowdoin students learn to:

  • Engage competing views critically
  • Make principled judgments that inform their practice
  • Work effectively with others as informed citizens committed to constructing a just and sustainable world

And the best part is that Maine provides them with opportunities to learn that aren’t available at most other Colleges.

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Take, for example, the marine lab at the 114-acre Coastal Studies Center, located on 2.5 miles of shoreline in Harpswell – only 20 minutes south of campus. The lab is just off the shore of Harpswell Sound and is equipped with running sea water and sixteen aquariums available for student research. Additionally, the lab includes four tables with sea water aquaria insets that help students better observe the marine life in the area. One flow tank used to study the effects of flow on marine organism is already in use, and plans exist to build two more.