[Bowdoin Computer Science]

CSci 107 Labs

Thu 2:30 - 3:55 in Searles 128

Lab Assignments

Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the announced due date. Students are allowed and encouraged to collaborate, but solutions must be written out individually. The lab assignments can be downloaded and printed directly from this page.

  1. Jan 29: Lab 1 (Basics and webpage)
  2. Febr 5: Lab 2 (Algorithms)
  3. Febr 12: Lab 3 (Algorithms and efficiency)
  4. Febr 18: Lab 4 (Algorithms and efficiency)
    [Febr 19: EXAM 1]
  5. Febr 26: Lab 5 (Boolean logic, gates and circuits)
  6. March 4: Lab 6 (Machine Organization)
  7. March 29th: Lab 7 (C++ - basics)
  8. April 1: Lab 8 (C++ -searching and sorting)
  9. April 8: Lab 9 (C++ - functions and cryptography)
    [April 12: EXAM 2]
  10. April 15: Lab 10 (C++ - Graphics)

After hours lab policy

You can use any of the labs outside class time as follows:

PLEASE NOTE - You need an updated ID card. Keys will not work and you can not prop the doors open. Also doors that lead into another room such as 216 into 215, 128 into 127 and 117 into 116 are alarmed with Security so do not open those doors. You can use either entrances - via the vestibule or the hallway entrances. All you have to do is put your card up to the reader and pull the handle once you hear the click and the light should be green. If you run into problems, let me know as soon as possible.