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Visual Arts

Alex Bassett '09 - Fishbowl Exhibition

In the summer of 2008, I spent eight weeks sketching, recording, and drawing the small moments encountered on the trails of the Coastal Studies Center on Orr’s Island. Most subjects I chose were no more than a few inches high, and all could have been missed without close prolonged inspection. Although my pieces carry a realistic style, creating photorealism was not my goal. Rather, I engaged myself in repeated hand movements to better understand the details of even the smallest and most incidental organisms, which are vial for the health of any first. I hope that my works encourage you to look closely at the underbrush within each forest, and make you further appreciate the intricacy and sophistication of nature.


Study #1: 2008


Study #2: 2008


Study #3: 2008


Study #4: 2008


Study #5: 2008