Art students at Bowdoin utilize a wide range of traditional and cutting edge printmaking techniques.

Our printmaking classes use the techniques of etching and intaglio printing, silkscreen, woodcut relief printing, letterpress, book arts, and photo-printmaking. We exercise sustainable practices in our printmaking facility whenever possible, working with non-toxic acrylic etching grounds and cleaning up without solvents. The facilities include a print workshop with etching presses and outdoor patio work area, a bright and spacious non-toxic etching room, a brand new silkscreen facility equipped for large-format screen-making, and a letterpress and book arts classroom. Printmaking students have 24-hour key card access to all areas of the printmaking facility and student teaching assistants are often available to support students working after hours. 


  • Takach American French Tool Intaglio Press, 78" x 34" press bed
  • Tabletop Intaglio Press, 32" x 12" press bed
  • Inking tables with large hotplate
  • Plate cutter, 44" wide
  • Vertical tanks for etching with ferric chloride
  • Spray booth and hot box for acrylic aquatint
  • Oven for heating acrylic roll-on grounds
  • Variety of aluminum frames up to 25" x 36"
  • NuArc screen exposure unit, 31" x 40"
  • Screen darkroom including exposure and washout rooms
  • Reliant Press
  • Poco Tabletop Proof Press
  • Metal and wood type in a variety of fonts