Michael Kolster

A collection of Associate Professor of Art Michael Kolster's artwork
Michael Kolster primarily works with photography and he captures various types of subject matter.
Kolster, Take Me to the River

Take Me To The River

Rocks, Brunswick, Maine, Androscoggin River, 2011 (left) and Boat Launch, Trinley Park, Linfield, Pennsylvania, Schuylkill River, 2013 (right), from Take Me to the River, George Thompson Publishing, Fall 2016

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Stereo Pairs

Note on viewing stereo pairs. If the left and center image are viewed with crossed eyes, the images will appear three-dimensional. Center and right images are a conventional stereo pair that, if viewed with a stereo photo viewer, will also appear three-dimensional.


Durham Boat Launch, 2011
ambrotype triptych
each plate measures 9 3/16" x 7 3/8"
Kolster Daily Shot

Daily Post

Screen shot of daily page from October 6, 2012