Complete Course Offerings

The Visual Arts Department offers a variety of courses in sculpture, painting, photography, printmaking, and digital art.

Introductory Level Courses (1000-1999)

These courses are for students interested in starting their study of visual art at Bowdoin and include courses in photography, sculpture, digital media, printmaking, painting, and drawing. Many of these courses are prerequisites for higher level courses. 

Intermediate Level Courses (2000-2999)

These courses are intended to further your study of the visual arts, with intermediate courses in drawing, sculpture, painting, and photography. This level also includes specialized courses like landscape painting that are intended to prepare you for advanced level courses in the department. 

Advanced Level Courses (3000-3999)

This level of courses includes a variety of specialized courses that are intended to allow students to specialize within a certain discipline with close collaboration and guidance from faculty members.