Geoffrey Canada Scholars

Geoffrey Canada Scholars (GCS) was established in 2018 as THRIVE’s flagship program. 
GCS students, faculty, and staff celebrating the end of the summer institute through zoom waving for a picture.
GCS class of 2024 cohort celebrating the end of the virtual Summer Institute with faculty and staff through Zoom!

Selected students participate in this cohort program starting with a Summer Institute prior to their first year of college. Scholars continue participating throughout their undergraduate years, during which time they partake in programming and receive timely support tailored to their needs. 

Our class of ‘24 cohort participated in a virtual Summer Institute and are now in their first year at the College. The first two cohorts are now in leadership positions across campus and engaging in opportunities like fellowships, internships, and peer mentoring roles. 

GCS first-year students pose in front of the Bean boot at the L.L.Bean flagship store.
GCS first-years visit the L.L.Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine, in October 2018.