Bowdoin Science Scholars

Bowdoin Science Scholars (BSS) is a program designed to support students who come to Bowdoin with great promise but for any number of reasons do not do as well as hoped in their first-semester science course(s). 


The program takes place on campus during the last two weeks of the 2018-2019 winter break and will continue throughout the spring semester. It will focus on cross-cutting concepts that apply to all STEM disciplines, such as effective reading, problem solving and reasoning, and quantitative analysis. It includes cultivating scientific habits of the mind, study skills, and key scientific practices such as constructing models to describe phenomena.

Students are invited to participate in the Bowdoin Science Scholars program upon nomination by a faculty member (including course instructor, pre-major advisor, or other interested faculty). 

Two students work with professor in chemistry lab
Professor Mike Danahy works with students in the chemistry lab during BSS 2018.