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Miz Cracker - Feb 17, 2015

Story posted February 13, 2015

  • Feb 17, 2015
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Location: Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center
  • Open to the public, free of charge. No tickets required.

I Still Hate Your Personality, But I Like Your Hair:  Learning about Drag Queens from Drag Queens

Miz Cracker is a drag queen living and working in Harlem. She began drag under the auspices of her drag mother, Bob The Drag Queen, in 2011 as part of Drag Queen Weddings, a weekly demonstration advocating marriage equality. Today, her performances continue to explore the intersection of social, political, and personal issues. Drawing imagery and inspiration from sources including contemporary pop music, new media, and the Old Testament, Cracker engages with topics ranging from human rights, faith, addiction, domestic violence, race, and beauty. With regular shows including Blackout Friday with Brenda Dharling at Suite Bar (NYC) and Look Queen with Bob The Drag Queen at The Monster Bar (NYC), Cracker can also be seen guest starring in shows throughout the city. Her writing can be found on Slate.com’s Outward blog, where her monthly column covers queer issues. Updates about her performances and other work can be found at mizcracker.com.

Cracker’s lecture at Bowdoin College—I Still Hate Your Personality, But I Like Your Hair: Learning About Drag from Drag Queens—examines the distance between drag as it is experienced by queens and drag as it is perceived by the public. It focuses on New York’s queer community as a microcosm of the drag world, delving into the stories behind a diverse group of city queens. Anchored in Cracker’s writings for Slate.com, her ongoing text project (Wo)Manifesto, and her experiences as both a gay man and a queen, the lecture discusses the current state of drag, and imagines its possible futures.

Open to the public, free of charge.  No tickets required. 

With generous support from: The Alice Cooper Morse Fund for the Performing Arts 

Learn about Drag from a real Drag Queen!