Green Office Certification

Inspired by the success of Bowdoin's student Eco-Rep program the college implemented a Green Office Certification EcoRep program in 2008.  The goal is to have one or more representatives from each department educating their colleagues about sustainable practices!

Utilizing a peer-to-peer model, the Green Office Certification Eco-Rep Program works to foster an environmental culture at Bowdoin that values employees' efforts to actively engage in practices of energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and environmentally preferable purchasing. By developing a core group of Bowdoin employees who are willing to help spread awareness about the environmental impacts of our everyday actions, along with simple suggestions that everyone can implement to decrease our impact, we have spread our sustainability message quicker and more effectively than by relying on Bowdoin’s sustainability office alone.

Below is a list of the current Office Eco-Reps. If you are interested in becoming an Office Eco-Rep or having your office “Green Office Certified”, please contact Keisha Payson.

Suzanne Astolfi, Asian Studies

Martie Janeway, Art History Department 

Sue O' Dell, Hatch Science Library

Tuyet Matthews, Development and Alumni Relations

Carla Mahaney, Admissions

Suzanne Mahar, Office of the Registrar

Lynne Yanders, Dean of Students

Janice Staples, Academic Affairs

Avery Friend, McKeen Center

Shana Stewart Deeds, Environmental Studies

Rosemary Armstrong, Environmental Studies

Cathryn Field, Earth and Oceanographic Science

Alison Cyr, Dining Administration

Tricia Gipson, Dining Administration

Kendra St. Gelais, Student Aid Office

Callie Kimball, Theater and Dance

Deb Puhl, Theater and Dance