52 Harpswell

In 2014, this property formerly known as the Stevens Home, underwent renovations to accommodate up to 35 students in 20 sleeping rooms.
Outside of 52 Harpswell Building

Instead of demolishing the former Stevens Home, Bowdoin contractors reused the entire framework of the building, saving a significant amount of embodied energy and radically decreasing the carbon footprint of the construction process. Renovation improvements included significant upgrades to shared spaces such as the kitchen, bathrooms, common lounge, and study spaces. The project was designed to become Bowdoin’s first LEED-certified renovation project. In April 2015 the building was awarded LEED gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.  Along with the enhancements for students and sustainable building systems, the renovations addressed life-safety code requirements and major building systems, including heating, ventilation, power, lighting, and communications infrastructure.