Bowdoin's Solar Panels

(Greason Pool roof on far left, Farley Field House roof front and center, and Watson Arena roof in back right. Photo credit David Israel.)

Bowdoin's 1.2 megawatt solar power complex includes approximately 4,420 solar panels at four major installations: rooftop systems on Farley Field House, the Sidney J. Watson Arena, and Greason Pool, along with a 654-kW ground-mount installation on three acres owned by the college at the former Navy baseSolarCity installed an additional 12-kW system on the new residence hall at 52 Harpswell Road in December of 2014.

More than six times the size of the next largest existing solar installation in Maine, this system will provide about 8% of the College’s electricity. The project is acollaboration between Bowdoin and SolarCity, the nation’s number-one solar power provider. Under the agreement, SolarCity, which financed and built the system, will own and maintain the solar installations on college property, and Bowdoin will purchase all generated power.

How it Works: The Production and Distribution of Bowdoin’s PV system

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