Bowdoin Sustainability

The Bowdoin College community—being mindful of our use of the earth's natural resources… - Bowdoin Environmental Mission Statement

Going Green at the Bowdoin-Colby Hockey Game

Story posted December 11, 2014

Easily the most attended athletic event on our campus, the Bowdoin-Colby hockey game is a rivalry that brings out the strongest school spirit among students with many different interests.

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The Fleet that's Hard to Beat!

Story posted November 20, 2014

While exciting things are happening at the sustainability office, students are also leading and executing some amazing initiatives. Over the next few weeks we will highlight a few of the green student groups on campus trying to make a difference! We start with the Yellow Bike Club...

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Polar Bears are Doing it in the Dark!

Story posted October 02, 2014

Bowdoin Polar Bears are looking for ways they can be a part of the climate solution.  Competing in the 13th Annual Energy Conservation Dorm Competition is one direct way to stir up their competitive spirit, have fun, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Read on to find out how they do it...

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